thismo messenger blog: WhatsApp for businesses is finally arriving

WhatsApp for business is finally arriving

A lot of companies already use WhatsApp for their business, which is not completely surprising. Looking at the amount of users WhatsApp has, it is pretty likely that you can find quite some of your customers within the more than … Continue Reading

WhatsApp for customer communication

Is WhatsApp the right tool for customer communication?

You want to message with your customers? Great! But we tell you why you should not use only a single messenger channel! One of the common questions we hear most is: “Why should we use thismo messenger if we could … Continue Reading

thismo messenger for business: which messaging service is right for my business?

Which messenger is right for my business?

Messaging for business A hard decision or maybe not? And why is messaging the best communication channel for businesses and their customers anyway?   Let’s answer all these questions and start over new!   Today is a mobile-first world, everything … Continue Reading

thismo messenger solution that connects different messaging services to one central platform.

Connect with your customers via messaging

Our new feature for simple messaging Have you ever looked around you in a coffee shop, the train, in town and watched the people sitting there with their smartphones? Imagine that could be all your customers asking for offerings, the price … Continue Reading