reach your guests
on their phone.

Your key benefits with thismo

Handle requests via mobile

Handle reservations, orders and special meal requests easily on the phone.

Save time and money

Answering messages is less time consuming than answering phone calls. You don’t need to develop an own app, thismo messenger offers all important features.

Reach guests again

thismo messenger is a direct channel, which lasts after the guest’s visit. Make special offers and ask for feedback, your guests will get a notification on their phone.

When to use Messaging for Restaurants?

Handle requests for special meals

Take care of individual service requests

Ask for feedback

Special offers for customers

Let your customers message you with thismo

Better than live chat

The benefit of thismo messenger is that the conversation history is always available, so you won’t lose any context.

Connect fast

The connection works easily with a web link. One click and the conversation starts.

Ensure privacy

Customers don’t have to share their phone number. The registration works via E-Mail or Social Login.

For all customers

Start thismo messenger browser based or with an app.

Easy setup

Easy to integrate

Add thismo to your website and app
Connect with chatbots

Multi channels

Talk on multiple channels like SMS, Facebook, …

Works instantly

No setup required
Hosted in Germany

thismo messenger for restaurants

thismo messenger for different businesses

thismo messenger - messenger for hotels


Message special offers and enhance customer loyality


Keep your customers updated about new products


Message your menu card for the day or let your customers order a table


Contact individual participants or different sport groups

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