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A list of answers to common questions:

What’s so special about thismo messenger?

We created thismo messenger for an easier communication between businesses and their customers. Messenger like Facebook and Web Chat can be managed through the thismo messenger platform solution. At the same time, companies are  able to offer communication via thismo to their customers. thismo messenger provides features that help businesses to enable a better communication experience with their customers. Both in administration and in messaging itself.

Why does my company need another messenger?

If your company is already actively using Facebook Messenger or SMS to message with customers, you will love thismo messenger.

thismo messenger works as a one channel solution to answer customers on other platforms. All conversations are easily manageable in one place.

Furthermore, thismo messenger works everywhere: You can use it in any browser and our app, and even add it as a live chat on your website.

Is thismo messenger really free to use?

For users, our app is completely free: Message as many businesses as you want.

As a business, you can also use our services as with the “Basic” plan for free. Upgrade your plan to unlock more features.

What if my customers left the thismo messenger website chat?

If a customer left before the conversation was over, your messages still reaches him via e-mail. He can respond to your message by answering to that e-mail or rejoin the conversation by returning to your website or downloading the thismo messenger app.

If the customer already downloaded the thismo app, he gets a notification for every message you send him.

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