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Download thismo messenger app and easily signup with your mobile number, email, Facebook or Google Login

Drop them a message

If you look for an appointment, want to place an order, make a booking, ask for a job – just drop a message and it’s done.

Get response notifications

Get responses to your requests pushed directly to your phone.

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Keep your privacy

thismo messenger does not provide anyone your personal contact data like email address or phone number. We keep your privacy!

Search for a business

No need to mess up your phone book with business entries to message them. Just look them up in the app them and message!

See whole conversation

Always see all your messages exchanged with a business. No need to search within a crowded inbox for specific mails.

Search for businesses

With thismo messenger you can easily search for businesses you’d like to contact. Open the app and click on “search” to discover many various business areas. Select the business you are looking for and find the right in your surroundings.

Search for different business types and get in contact with thismo messenger app

Message restaurants, shops and hotels

With thismo messenger you are able to contact different businesses. Order a table, ask for the new shoes in your favorite shop or book a spa treatment for the afternoon from your hotel room – via messaging! Select the company and just drop a message. The conversation history will be saved so you can always get back to the last conversation status without losing context.

Order a table or message the customer service with thismo messenger app

Apply for jobs or courses

With messaging everything is possible. You can even apply for jobs or any courses. Just write your message, upload your CV and responses to your requests pushed directly to your phone.

apply for jobs or book courses via thismo messenger app
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