thismo messenger for remarketing

Let’s talk about remarketing – or let’s say remessaging: Have you ever thought about using messaging to get again in contact with your customers? Let me explain you this!

Imagine: You started a giveaway on Facebook, where the participants had to write you a message to take part. Or they signed up to your WhatsApp Newsletter or just contacted your customer service via SMS. You got the messaging service, the contacts – what do you need more for your remarketing campaign?

How to start a remarketing campaign with thismo messenger

First: It will be even easier to get in touch with your customers if you use our thismo messenger business gateway, when your customers used different messaging services like Facebook, Messenger or Web Chat. It lets you message with all your customers from different messaging services but central from thismo messenger. There is no need to log in to the different services separately.

Second: Just chose the right group of people that could be interested in your new product. Give them useful tips, updates or make them a special offer. Maybe to the ones that participated in your online competition? Just message them. Be personal. Start a conversation. We are all human and sometimes we just need to start a real conversation between two real persons. Everything is possible but – don’t annoy them. 😉

So, far from making offers or selling products via messaging it is (obviously) also possible to ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is key! Without feedback, you can’t improve your business and everything is taking its usual course. If nobody tells you that what you are doing isn’t roughly as good as you thought, how can you do it even better? So, use messaging to get valuable feedback from your customers! 

Want to know more about the thismo messenger business gateway? Or if WhatsApp is the right tool for communicating with your customers?

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