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Better customer tie. Easy booking. Good rankings. Hotels can achieve all of that even easier today. But how? With messaging – the “new” social media – addressing people is more personal and easier. Hotels start to realize, how they can use messaging for themselves. You’re still asking yourself how? Hotels like the “Hyatt” started using already existing messengers, like the “Facebook Messenger”. They pick up their guests, where they already are anyway.

Users are used to get information fast and easily and to access it flexibly. By bailing phone numbers or e-mail addresses on websites, barriers are created unwillingly. Users want to spend less energy to get contact data or writing a formal e-mail, when they just want to know when to check in.

Messaging creates remedy. A gateway between hotel and guest. A win-win situation, created through a more efficient workflow of the hotel on the one hand and the fulfillment of the customer’s wish for flexibility on the other. Messaging breaks barriers and supports easy communication.


Imagine, a guest is on his way and wants to ask for a free room, tell you his delay or just wants to know when to check in. Your guests want to communicate with you as easy as they do it with their friends. Via messaging you can answer spontaneous requests really easy and you improve your customer support targeted.

Furthermore, it has been found out, that with the usage of messaging restaurants had more visits and spa was booked more often. Why? Because it’s so simple. Your guests can make their requests comfortably from their room and ask you to send them the price list.

In addition you have the possibility to forward information to your guests.

Why messaging?

Since Facebook and WhatsApp, the usage of messaging grew a lot. Until the year 2019, there will be around 2,2 billion users1. That’s why the communication medium is not only getting more interesting for private use: Especially companies will profit more and more.

What’s different with thismo messenger?

Because your guests are used to messaging, we didn’t change anything about this core principle. So what’s different?

The special thing about thismo messenger is the one click principle: Your guest is able to message you with just one click, he just needs a weblink/hypelink. Every hotel gets an individual messaging link, that can be shared everywhere. You can attach it to your booking confirmation for example, place it on the website of the hotel or share it via social media. One click, and the first message can be sent. It doesn’t matter, if the guest already uses the thismo messenger. It isn’t necessary to download an app: The messenger also runs on your desktop computer and smartphone in any browser.

The conversation between guest and hotel is being saved, so the context of the conversation doesn’t get lost. You can simply answer a message, whenever you have time.

Interested? Try it out:

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