WhatsApp for customer communication

You want to message with your customers? Great! But we tell you why you should not use only a single messenger channel!

One of the common questions we hear most is: “Why should we use thismo messenger if we could also use WhatsApp instead?”

Well, you’re right but we think: The more you offer the better. Using just WhatsApp for customer communication leaves out customers who are using other messaging services instead of WhatsApp.

We developed a solution that allows you to communicate with your customers on messaging services like Facebook, Messenger, Web Chat, SMS and so on to get in touch with you. With thismo messenger the messaging service will be your customer’s choice. You receive all messages with the thismo messenger business gateway and you can answer all the messages from all the different messaging services with only one tool.

Advantages of thismo messenger business gateway

Connect Multiple Messenger Services

Like mentioned before: thismo messenger connects with different services like Facebook, Messenger, SMS, Web Chat and so on. You receive all those messages central in the thismo messenger gateway on desktop or mobile and can answer right away. The response is consistent across all channels, eliminating the need to switch between different apps and programs.

No more hassle: Phone calls are distractions that cost more time than you may think of because it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task. Complete your task and answer your customers via message afterwards.

Easier Agents Management

thismo messenger makes the agent team management easier because you have to setup and configure your team only once for all the different messengers. And in addition you can assign different channels to different teams. That allows you to use a fine grained permission system to allow only the team members access to customers messages which are allowed. All the team members can answer customer requests in form the channels they were assigned to and are able to use thismo messenger in the office on desktop and on the go with the thismo app.

Universal Connection with your Chatbot

Connecting different messaging services with thismo messenger gateway makes it very easy to  implement a chatbot only once. It provides the same logic to all customer messages from all the different messaging services. We unify the access to the different messaging services. So, you save your time to not have to connect to all the different messenger APIs manually. Just use our common API to connect you chatbot and you are ready to automate or partly automize your customer service on all the different messengers. That makes it quite easy and saves you a lot of development time 😉

Stepwise Integration for a Fast and Easy Start

thismo messenger provides a lot of opportunities when it comes to the connection with your customers. Let your customers know at all the existing touch points that you are using thismo messenger for communication. Share your individual thismo messenger link in mails, on booking confirmations and on your website. You can integrate thismo messenger even as an embedded chat on your website and customers can start messaging right away. You developed an own app? Integrate thismo as an add-on for your customers to message with you.

Our stepwise integration possibilities allows you to start very fast and without any support from your tech team by sharing a simple link with your customers. After that you can move on and make additional effort to integrate messaging deeper into your whole offering up to a fully integrated solution which connects directly with our API.

Still not convinced? Figure out which messaging service is right for your business!

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