thismo messenger blog: Apple iOS11 cam scans QR codes to message with businesses

Start messaging your customers with thismo messenger and Apple iOS11 easier than ever

As you all might know there are many ways to let your customers know you’re using thismo messenger for customer communication. Let’s fresh this up:

When signing up your business on you get an individual messaging address for your business. You can just share this messaging address in emails, on the invoice, on your website or social media. That’s quite easy. To make it more visible and a little more fancy you can also export your link as a QR code. Now, as a big benefit Apple’s new iOS 11 allows you to scan any QR code just by opening the camera app on the iPhone and focusing the code. A small notification banner appears. Your customers touch on it and thismo messenger opens in Safari Browser. From there the common thismo messenger experience let’s your client start messaging immediately from the browser based messenger or switch to any messenger service you connected with thismo. That makes it for your customers using an iPhone quite easy to get in touch with you – without big effort.

Furthermore you can also embed thismo messenger on your webpage as a web chat. That has more advantages compared to a live chat. The conversation can continue after hours, exactly where it stopped and you’ll always have the full history of the conversation in one thread. That gives context and continuity to your dialogue. It also enables you to send images and other types of rich media, like videos, documents or locations, which makes attaching media to e-mails needless. And since you don’t need a support team to stay online all day, messaging is less expensive than live chat.

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