thismo messenger blog: Connect your AI chatbots to message your customers

Chatbots – a small word for a big use. A trend that is in continuous development for a better communication. Those robots are no machines of metal, it’s a software, created to communicate with real persons. You may have noticed the live chat area on online shops or online supports. When you ask them your questions and immediately receive an answer, you’re likely communicating with a virtual person – a chatbot. Often chatbots memorize your questions to be to able to personalize the answers for you. That can require that you first have to authenticate yourself against e.g. a customer database. Most chatbots are able to learn while communicating. They use machine learning techniques which are typically called “artificial intelligence” or AI. In theory this machine learning approach shall create an experience like talking to a real, human support agent. In practice the term artificial intelligence today is still often a more hyped phrase and the human like experience works only in a very narrow and more simple conversational use cases.

Chatbots can improve customer support

So, there are some key advantages bots have in communicating with your customers. Even if 75% of customers say they would rather talk to a real person than a bot, bots are a quite good support for the first contact especially for off-hours to provide an immediate reaction to the contact request of the customer.

Quite often customers have simple questions that keep up coming, like the opening hours, requests for shipping information and so on. These are all questions that are not in a relation to an individual issue of the customer. So, a good approach would be a hybrid solution: Simple questions can be answered by a chatbot. The more specific, complicated ones takes a customer support agent.

Chatbots as virtual communication robots can optimize processes, support communication with customers and therefore optimize the time of your support agents available to answer the more complicated, individual questions by filtering the incoming requests.

Connect all messaging channels to chatbots

There is just one problem that comes with the multitude of messaging services in relation to chatbots. If you’re using more than one messaging channel, the bot logic have to be adapted individually. For thismo messenger we developed also a connectivity to chatbots. With the thismo messenger business gateway you’re able to answer all incoming requests from different messaging services in one tool. Also the connection for the chatbots across different channels is provided by thismo.

Use messaging now, to start a personal conversation with your customers:  

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