thismo messenger solution that connects different messaging services to one central platform.

Connect with your customers via messaging

Our new feature for simple messaging Have you ever looked around you in a coffee shop, the train, in town and watched the people sitting there with their smartphones? Imagine that could be all your customers asking for offerings, the price … Continue Reading

thismo messenger: messenger for local businesses

Messaging for local businesses

How your local business can benefit from messaging According to a survey of PWC nearly 40 percent of consumers make purchases at a physical store at least once a week. But only 27 percent do the same online. That shows the power … Continue Reading

thismo messenger - messenger for hotels

Messaging for hotels

Better customer tie. Easy booking. Good rankings. Hotels can achieve all of that even easier today. But how? With messaging – the “new” social media – addressing people is more personal and easier. Hotels start to realize, how they can … Continue Reading

Messaging versus Live Chat

How messaging exceeds the limitations of live chat Messaging runs in our blood since the internet and phone services made sending short messages easy! Today, the millennial generation checks their phone more than 150 times a day, and most times … Continue Reading